Total Books
Our clients recommend us because "We're not just good with numbers we're also good with people." We strive to bring a little light into the life of small to medium sized businesses. Total Books offers
Jonathon Bray Legal Services
If so, you're not alone. Most firms don't have the luxury of a dedicated compliance team, meaning that their most profitable lawyers risk becoming overloaded with non-chargeable COLP and COFA duties.
Golley Slater Cardiff
If you've got top writing, PR and social media skills, bags of commitment to the best customer service around and a strong sense of fun, you might be the one we're looking for. We're recruiting - New
AMS is a Project Finance services and advisory company, specialising in PFI. We have been providing services to many of the key players in the UK PFI and project finance industry since 2000. Being a
Carpe Diem Human Resources
Carpe Diem Human Resources Limited was established in 2002 specifically to offer bespoke advice and support to businesses in both the private and public sectors. Our consultants work with you to
Consult Capital
Consult Capital is a different sort of specialist consultancy, providing analysis, advice, client-specific systems and high-calibre training to make companies and organisations stronger and more
Staig Consulting
We are a Project Management Consultancy based in Cardiff, with a service available throughout the world. If your organisation is looking to implement IT changes, tackle business change or understand
Consultants Online
We have a proven track record with both large and small businesses across all industry sectors. We measure our performance, and have helped increase clients sales by over Ј5 million; "If you run a
Lewis Ballard
Our Dental and Healthcare specialist advice has helped to sustain and develop our client businesses from Associate/ Locum to successful Principal Dentist, Pharmacist or GP and from practice purchase
Circle I T
We are committed to providing the highest quality IT services and our aim is to deliver growth through the use of cutting edge technology, working in partnership with key vendors to bring our
NORAHS Consultancy
NORAHS Consultancy brings over 20 years of experience within Finance and Business change. From a start within corporate finance and progressing to business consultancy, working on an array of projects
Helen Phillips Business Solutions
We can help you achieve your business goals by looking at your processes in a different way, and providing solutions which cross departmental boundaries. Helen has more than 30 years experience in
Talented Business Solutions
TBS is a results-oriented HR and Management consultancy. We believe that the primary role of human resources management is to maximise business performance through building talent and employee