SCT Consultants
SCT is a firm of management consultants led by Margaret Exley, who conduct Board evaluations and provide strategic business advice and executive coaching to senior leaders. We have a practical,
The Change Management Group
The Change Management Group is a leading London-based consulting firm that specialises in delivering business change programmes. We have implemented projects that engage with all aspects of
Kensington Consulting Group
I would also like to provide you with some feedback. I have worked with many recruitment companies and would like to add that I found your services very prompt and professional. The whole process left
J M Solutions
We are a small, specialist consultancy offering organisations practical help in the field of organisational psychology and human resource management. J M Solutions stands for Jointly Managed
SCP Consult
Lynn Laws and Alan Clark having worked in health and social care for over thirty years, established SCP Consult in 2004. SCP Consult is a leading health and social care consultancy with a proven track
Executive Coaching Consultancy
In a short period of time circumstance required that I rebuild my entire board. I was happy I had chosen the best 'individuals' in their respective fields but it was only after we took