Bourton Group
We are a mid-sized management consultancy specialising in operational performance improvement. We have a successful track record - built over 40 years - and we are regarded as leaders in our field. An
Mutual Consultants
Mutual Consultants Limited specialise in assisting clients to apply Reliability-Centred Maintenance (RCM) in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland through world class RCM training, RCM
Visual Thinking
Established in 1993 by its Brand Director, Karl McKeever, Visual Thinking is the UK's only dedicated retail consultancy specialising in visual merchandising, brand delivery and retail performance
Just Value Consulting
Just Value Consulting (JVC) is a newly formed consultingfirm that brings all the freshness and vitality of a new arrival but coupled with the wisdom of experience. Its key personnel have over a
The Paul Thomas Group
My businesses work with teams and individuals spanning all levels from shop floor to boardroom. I restrict the number of clients I work with at any one time to ensure that I can devote the time and
Burge Hughes Walsh
Trainers and Consultants in Lean, Six Sigma, Leading Change, Systems Engineering and Systems Thinking. Burge Hughes Walsh provides its clients with the know-how to remove waste from a process, design