Mjward Uk

When it comes to work, my core business / day job is Tidy Design, we rank pretty high for various web design and SEO related searches in Google, this along with kind customer recommendations has allowed us to grow as a company.

Before this journey into self-employment I had a variety of 9 to 5 jobs, the truth is I have always had a job, be it at school, art college or whilst studying at the University of Portsmouth! Several jobs that spring to mind; a mushroom factory, surf shop, loading Navy Ships with supplies, meat factory, selling credit cards in a call centre, a hotel manager, cleaner and bar staff, selling conkers in the school play ground, the list goes on.

Ok, I wont bore you with my complete employment history; I've had more jobs than most and gave up on my CV years ago! Since 2006 Tidy Design has transformed from an idea into a reputable business, allowing me to work for myself and employing a small number of cool people to help out.