About the Business
We are a business consultancy which provides the expertise to help your business succeed. By having a Merranti Consultant, that uses our Business Improvement Plan methods, we can enable companies to move from where they are, to where they want to be. In addition to these core Improvement Programmes, we can also offer bespoke services for different business. Our consultants come from various backgrounds and bring a wide range of experience and expertise to the table. With their knowledge of working in different industries, you will be sure to find the right Merranti Consultant for your business.

Whether you are looking for advice on your business strategy or you are looking for help with your operations, you will find a Merranti Consultant with the experience and knowledge that will help you make informed decisions.

Transform Your Business:

We provide the advice and guidance to help transform your business, allowing you to achieve your Goals and Objectives. Using our Business Improvement Plans, we can rejuvenate your business and give it a new lease of life. Speak to one of our consultants, and they will help you find out what service you need.

Grow Your Business:

Giving you the steps and expertise to help grow your business and develop according to a business strategy and plan. We can assist you in developing your ideas of where you want your business to be and help make them a reality.

Buy, Sell Or Start Your Business:

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a current business, or are looking to start up a new company, we can provide you with the information and guidance to take you along your business venture and can assist with due diligence.
Business Services

Start your own Business

Start your own Business

Looking to start your own business?

Starting your own business can be quite a daunting thought, as you decide on the options of registration, name and the actual set up. However, with our assistance, it doesn’t need to be a difficult journey. We can help develop your business start-up idea.

Accountancy and TAX:

We can help you in the process of starting your own business by always being available and flexible. We understand that occasionally, you may need more assistance, which comes at no added cost as we work solely on fixed fees.

Advice & Support:

It’s only natural. That’s why, sometimes, it pays to seek expert business start-up advice, support and guidance on a range of business issues that might affect you – especially if they are complex, or you’ve never experienced them before.

Business Mentoring:

Our Start-up Business Mentoring service provides professional advice and information to people who have new business ideas and plans, and who need help for people starting their business.

We are passionate about developing start-ups.

People at Work

People at Work

Merranti provide HR services by working closely with your business, we make sure we understand each of our client’s needs to ensure we are able to offer you a tailored support service to support your every need.

What does that mean?

With employment law constantly changing most businesses are finding it too costly to have their own in-house team and so, outsourcing this functionality is becoming more popular with SME. By outsourcing with Merranti you will have access to an experienced team of HR consultants who will be able to provide you solutions to any staffing issues you may have.


Running you companies payroll can be a daunting task. That is why at Merranti Accounting, we offer to provide this service for your business. Stephen Watts and his team will be able to release some of the pressure off your business when organising your employees Pay.

If you are an employer that operates with PAYE as part of your payroll you need to make sure that you;

  1. Record your employee’s pay, which includes their salary and other means of payment.
  2. Calculate deductions from their pay, such as Tax and National Insurance.
  3. Calculate your National Insurance contribution that you pay when an employee earns in excess of £157 a week.
  4. Produce payslips for each employee.
  5. Report their pay and deductions to HMRC.
However, if you pay an employee less than £113 a week, you will usually only need to record and report their pay.

Operational Issues

Operational Issues

How important is Operations?

Everything you do goes through your operations at some point, your business strategy is at the centre of this. Finance and Marketing might set the rules but it’s generally the Operations that deliver the results. This is where you make the most of your Marketing, keep your Costs low and your Staff happy.

How can Merranti Help?

We think that the Operations is the hub, get this right and everything else will fall into place. As part of an overall package, Merranti can increase efficiency and reduce your costs using tried and tested methods. This doesn’t mean Merranti will come in and reduce staff and take everything to basics, your staff are a key asset and need to be brought in with the plan. The risk is another key factor which gets reduced efficiency with all your legally required paperwork being dealt with for you as one package.

How do we do it?

Merranti Consulting understands how your business works, looking at all aspects at once. We target the problem causing the issues and often it’s not obvious. We understand people and why staff will and won’t buy into your programme, we can see your business from an aerial view. This is a view that can deliver solutions that can’t be seen from being involved.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Businesses that end up successful, are clear about what their customers want and structure their services and operations in a way to deliver the best customer service. Management of this should be companies priority in how they recruit and reward their staff, so they provide the best customer service.

Our support and expertise with a combination of Business Analysis, Consulting, training and measurement, helps our clients to develop an outstanding relationship, that is ongoing with their customers.

Our approach is relevant to a wide range of industries due to our consultants having a various range of experience within lots of different roles.

VAT & Tax Returns

VAT & Tax Returns

All people and businesses must submit Tax, whereas only businesses that exceed £82,000 need to register for VAT. If this is the case, then we would recommend getting Merranti Accounting to assist with your Tax & VAT returns.

Even if you are not required to, it can be beneficial to register for VAT, before you reach the threshold, which you can find more about here. If you need more help, then contact Stephen Watts to talk this through.

Whatever you type of business is, whether a Sole Trader, Partnership or a Limited Company, you must file a tax return. This must be done to declare your income to HM Revenue & Customs to let them know how much tax is due.
Management Accounts

Management Accounts

Merranti Accounting‘s Stephen Watts is able to supply your business with Yearly or Quarterly management accounts, depending on the needs and the size of the business.

This allows you to properly manage your cash flow, and to review your profit and loss accounts to correctly judge how your business is doing. It also provides you with the information to notice any problems with cash flow that may need to be reviewed or problems with sales teams.

A management account can act as an early warning sign to both good and bad things that could happen to the business. To combat some of the issues, we would discuss with you with potentially having a consultant be a second pair of eyes, to review your accounts and suggest ways in which to rectify those.

Financial Solutions

Financial Solutions

The key to business is finance, where all other areas deal with the creation and production of your business, the finance is the end result you are looking for. Very few businesses fail due to profit and loss, most fail due to lack of cash flow.

We provide a unique view in respect to financial solutions, every part of our strategy comes back to it. As you can see from our Case Studies we have proven time and time again that this unique view has saved our clients businesses as well as the personal fortunes. In addition, we have a considerable difference in their long-term profitability.
Cost Management

Cost Management

Cost Management is fundamental to the success of your business and is needed throughout all stages of the business. We can help you to protect your investments by suggesting a sensible budget that will help your company meet their aspirations and goals while keeping financial security.

We can do this by offering a range of cost prediction advice, negotiation and account closure services. Our Consultants focus on predicting the capital cost of your asset investments, programmes and projects, as well as assessing the financial impacts that your property and infrastructure assets would have on your business plan.
Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Our Merranti Consultants, will review and audit your current marketing, then assess the best way to improve your organisation’s techniques. We can help with start-ups and assist you in setting up your company with companies house, purchasing domain names, and begin creating your online profile.

With our training of particular insight tools and how to create a marketing plan, you will be able to learn how to assess if your campaigns are successful from using analytic tools, and learn what the jargon actually means.

We work with businesses to help them become better in the areas of marketing they may not be able to do themselves and provide them with the tools to become successful.

By implementing one, or multiple of our consulting programs, Merranti Consulting has proven success by guiding businesses to success. We deliver Business Solutions to our customers by providing operational and strategical support.

Systems Thinking

Systems Thinking

You need to understand any service organisation as a system i.e. not just its separate parts, but how they interact as a whole. By ‘system’ it doesn’t just mean just IT, although IT forms part of the overall operational environment which the organisation works in. The ‘system’ can also expand beyond the boundaries/control of the organisation e.g. a supplier(s). So systems thinking is about understanding the relationship and how all the elements of the organisation work or not work to provide the service to the customer and ultimately the performance of the organisation. Of course the system elements may well help the service performance but on the other hand, they may well hinder it.

By looking at the organisation from ‘outside in’ perspective i.e. from a customers’ point of view, you start to uncover those system conditions which are causing the performance to be the way it is. It is then the challenge of the leaders/management of the organisation to act on these conditions to improve/transform performance.

Change Management

Change Management

Good Change Management is key to taking your business from its initial ideas and ambitions through to the realisation of the benefits of using change management. In this process, it will involve clear and committed leadership that is expressed to the employees of the organisation.

Change Management should not be looked at as an afterthought, however, it should be seen as fundamental in the journey for any project.

Change impacts are not standard for all businesses, and therefore they should not have a generic methodology put in place. That is why our consultants have a wide breadth of experience that spans various industries so that we can pull the knowledge from various people, to supply your business with the best service and processes it needs to achieve success.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis

Merranti specialises in Business Analysis, therefore, saving businesses and improving them, even in the face of diversity.

We deal with all aspects:

– Plan and Strategy,
– Action and Implement,
– Provide Resources where needed.

There is no point having advice and a plan and then not having the resources to implement it. Through our Business Analysis and our reputation and success rate are majorly important to us and we pride ourselves on delivering a fast and effective solution. Merranti’s clients will testify to our ability to see light where there was none, to turn around what was thought to be impossible, to improve upon targets already achieved.

Jason Fudge - Managing Director

01342 834624 East Grinstead, West Sussex Website Facebook Twitter

Jason Fudge heads up our team at Merranti Group and takes on the role of Managing Director. His primary aim is to provide clients with a tailor-made service that will transform and enhance their business.

Having guided a number of clients businesses through the recession Jason has the strength of character and in-depth knowledge to move the Merranti Group companies forward in helping their clients make informed decisions.

Jason’s ability to see the wood through the trees is a refreshing quality to bring to any business. A simple no-nonsense approach to business strategy and management.

Stephen Watts - Accounts Director

01342 836557 East Grinstead, West Sussex Website Twitter

Stephen Watts heads up Merranti Accounting, in 1995 he qualified as a CIMA accountant with experience gained in the property sector, spanning the serviced apartment and housebuilding sectors. Steve also has 9 years of experience in property development with experience in JV’s, off-shore companies and trusts.

Using his experience, Steve, along with the Merranti Accounting team, can assist business with their management accounts, VAT and Tax Returns, Payroll, and along with other services. Quarterly management.

Philip Gaffney - Business Consultant

01342 834624 East Grinstead, West Sussex Website

Phil has a variety of experience from various business sectors. The first Business he bought was in 1995 and sold it three years later, the combination of aggressive marketing and exceptional customer service, ensured the business saw significant growth and allowed its sale value to greatly exceed its original cost. The two aspects of Marketing and high-quality service have been keystones in his career, the constant theme being the relationship with clients, ensuring that deliverables are identified and met.

Philip decided that some theory would add to the skill set and in 2015 attained a BA(Hons) in Business with Economics.

David Mitchell - Business Consultant

01342 834624 Southampton, Hampshire Website

After a long career in Telecommunications, David Mitchell discovered the merits of Systems/Lean thinking methodology. He has been a consultant for the last 10 years working primarily within the financial services sector with some of the UK’s largest blue chip Insurance, and banking organisations. For the last 5 years, David has consulted internationally, working in Telecommunications in Australia and the Philippines, insurance in Ireland and banking in South Africa.

David Tewkesbury - Business Consultant

01342 834624 Brighton, East Sussex

With public and private sector experience in both SME and the corporate world, David’s experience and knowledge span various business sizes and sectors. His 15 years’ experience in the corporate world helping suppliers, customers and complex teams achieve excellence in all they do, makes him well placed to help you and your business achieve your goals.

Alongside this, David spent 26 years in the police service achieving a senior rank as Special Chief Officer responsible for the strategy, direction and engagement for a team of 450 volunteer Police Officers giving him immense experience in public sector and of the specific challenges that this environment brings.

Finally, David is a qualified Personal, Corporate and Executive coach with a successful track record of helping clients succeed in difficult and challenging situations.

Clair Reilly - Recruitment Director

01342 835769 East Grinstead, West Sussex Website Twitter

Clair Reilly has several years of experience in Recruitment and also in company management as Clair heads up Merranti Recruitment. With experience in finding the right candidate for our clients, Clair leads her team in making sure that every candidate is interviewed prior to our clients so that they find the right person for the right job.

Clair specialises in recruiting for the Print and Packaging Industries. Shown through our success in placing roles for our existing clients, by using 360 Print and Packaging recruitment methods to find the perfect candidates who are great fits for the role and the business.

Fiona Monson - Business Consultant

01342 834624 Haywards Heath, West Sussex Website

Fiona is a qualified chartered accountant, insolvency practitioner and civil and commercial mediator.

Fiona qualified in both accountancy and insolvency with a Big 4 accountancy firm. After three years of audit, she worked in a variety of insolvency assignments including the administration of Air Europe in 1991. She spent a year working in the Middle East before setting up an insolvency practice for a local accountancy firm in 2001. In 2015 she broke away to work on her own and in order to extend the services she could offer to support business owners facing difficulties she qualified as a mediator.

Gillian Palmer - Finance Consultant

01342 834624 Tunbridge Wells, Kent Website

Gillian is a finance broker with a difference, the difference is that she has vast experience in setting up, running and selling businesses and understands cash flow and funding within businesses. She offers a more professional and friendly approach then you would normally receive from your local bank.

Gillian started her career in Xerox UK and had various roles in Tele Marketing, Telesales and Major Accounts when she was approached by Directors of Xerox to discuss her develop the Xerox brand in Ireland as a Xerox Concessionaire.

Richard Williams - Business Consultant

01342 834624 East Sussex Website

Richard Williams has over 20 years’ experience as a Programme Director in Financial Services delivering strategic change initiatives in a global environment.

With board-level experience, he has a proven track record for the leadership of complex programmes and being able/willing to take the hard decisions. He has also been very successful in building project teams and developing/mentoring talent.

A trusted advisor to Senior Management on critical business issues, politically astute and possessing an ability to quickly build relationships, Richard inspires confidence through insight, effective communication and strategic dexterity.

Jag Sagoo - Buisness Consultant

01342 834624 Tunbridge Wells, Kent Website

Jag has over 20 years experience for working with blue-chip technology-based corporate and SME businesses. With extensive experience leading customer facing, business and operational leadership roles within the defence and commercial sector, he is passionate for driving organisational improvements and has successfully implemented business changes and transformational programmes improving business performance and enabling growth.

Jag is a ‘straight-talking’ change agent and takes a no-nonsense approach in helping clients achieve their operational strategy. He is a strong advocate of developing business excellence through developing high performing teams.


N/A - Lyra Management Ltd

Following our meeting with Merranti all our current issues were taken over, it seemed so quick - one day they were there and the next we would get a report on what was happening. This then allowed us to concentrate on the business moving forward and get back to what we are good at.

N/A - O Uxbridge Ltd

We were recommended to Merranti, we had issues with a development and the bank were threatening to remove the property from us. This would have resulted in a great loss for us, Merranti showed us that there were further opportunities in the site and organised a management agreement with the Bank. We made over £500,000 in one year from operational income from the site and as Merranti had agreed a percentage deal with the Bank we were able to retain the larger proportion.

Mohammed - Stelekom Global

Our meeting was quite different than those I have had in the past with business consultancies it looks you are the only one who has a meeting session lasting more than two hours, as a result you received a comprehensive, concise detailed overall view of the entire business along with a two year summary financial report, in a very open manner which highlighted our present and past operations, also why we need support in management and operations. In seeing that we get the full benefit of Stelekom outsource of its management to Merranti may be a long-term consultancy channel in our current operations.

N/A - Kenley and Purley Roofing Ltd

Thank you Merranti! We would have never considered changing our sales and operations in such a way that it took advantage of a market where only three months ago it had threatened the business.

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