Genie Insights

Genie Insights Ltd originated purely as a marketing company, catering for your every marketing need, from the development and implementation of a comprehensive marketing strategy to one-off project management.

Through close associations with our clients in our Marketing Guardian capacity, and using our ‘insight’, we quickly realised that businesses in Northern Ireland often need support in additional areas, that they either don’t need on a permanent basis or can’t afford full time. In response to this, we expanded our offering to include a range of additional business support services including process, data and procurement management, as well as offering a ‘virtual assistant’ support function.

We provide a flexible approach to supporting your business, either by acting as an extension of your team or by equipping you with knowledge and tools. This means you can either leave your Marketing in our capable hands allowing you to focus on your core business, or can learn to provide for yourself, therefore offering you with a sustainable model.

Genie Insights can analyse your current position, offer no nonsense, honest advice and then implement recommendations or can work on one-off projects as and when required.

We can be your Marketing Director, Manager and Assistant all rolled into one on an as needs basis, and no job is too big or too small.