The Rehab Group are a registered Irish charity with interests in the UK. Our Scottish divisions consist of Haven and Momentum with locations in both Scotland and England. One of the services we provide to our service users is referred to as "Fair Start" which assists in placing people with disabilities into employment. We are seeking to have the efficacy and viability of the operation reviewed.

This work will include a review of Contract specifications; Current performance; Financial performance; Target attainment; Staffing allocation per site and Staff roles and responsibilities. There will be a weekly feedback requirement and the need to support the current operational lead to implement recommended improvements and make changes to delivery.

I require a quote for a per-day charge (excluding VAT, travel and expenses) for the provision of a Senior Manager with over 10 years’ experience in business and operational consultancy.

The expected timescale for the project will be approx 20 days.

Gary Gartland
Procurement Manager, Rehab Group