We currently own a property in SW16 £650,000 (mortgage 25%) and run a successful pet care company called THE PET MANNY (turnover £70,000) all personal banking and mortgage with Santander.

All business accounts are with Barclays.

We have seen an opportunity to purchase a new home in Shropshire which in its 1/3 land has outhouses which are a DOG HOTEL (current turnover £50,000). They are selling the home, business, and good will for a total of 525,000 altogether.

Our aim is the do the following to have 4 revenue streams

1. Rent out our London home
2. Continue running THE PET MANNY LONDON remotely with local staff
3. Improve and increase the revenue for the DOG HOTEL in Shropshire
4. Set up a new THE PET MANNY SHROPSHIRE branch

We are currently trying to speak to Barclays about how this can work but as you know this can be a long process and being constantly passed from person to person to try to get any answers.

We may also be looking for the possibility of an investor/guarantor to help fill any financial gaps.

I am looking for someone that would be able to possibly assist with the process which is all new to us and point us in the right direction where needed.

Thank you for your time. If I have not given you enough info please let me know.

Ricky Dyer