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Logistics and Warehousing is an important part of your business and has been at the heart of our business for over 30 years we cover a range of services: Supply Chain Strategy and Management, Transport Solutions and Warehouse Design.

Providing expert advice, project management and consultancy in logistics, supply chain and warehousing for retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and 3PLs in the UK and worldwide.

We are specialists in providing solutions to logistical problems, from improving utilisation and efficiency in existing operations, re-engineering facilities, to design of new warehousing, DCs distribution and assembly facilities. We help you to reduce costs, increase capacity and improve efficiency by planning and optimising your supply chain, facility design and layout, materials handling, and operational processes.

Established in 1984, our experience and expertise include space planning, utilisation and capacity improvement, optimising productivity, warehouse automation, warehouse management and control systems, as well as distribution facility design.

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Warehouse & Logistics Project Management & Support

Warehouse & Logistics Project Management & Support

LPC are often retained to work as the client representative within a design and construction team – and during the fitting out, equipping and commissioning phases of a new distribution centre. This ensures that the end user requirements are fully met on time, within budget and strictly according to specification.

These appointments can often be a continuation of project inception born from network modelling to a concept design, through to a warehouse design or being the client’s representative or signing off handover of the completed building. The full Concept to Completion cycle. The role is also often appointed to LPC for the re-engineering of facilities.

Project Management:

The advantage of continuing the relationship is maintaining and imparting the knowledge through the various work streams into the implementation stage to maintain the standard of specification, requirement, and just as importantly, supporting other construction project professionals that interface with the user requirements.

Given that LPC would deliver the conceptual and detailed design with supporting building and materials handling performance specifications on which the construction and fitting out budgets were based it is our experience that a continuing role avoids any ambiguity and thus militates against costly variation orders.

The role can be tailored to your requirements, to support an established team, focusing purely on the material handling fit out requirements and, or with a wider overarching brief to oversee the implementation of the new build or reengineering as a whole to ensure that that the logistical integrity of the facility is met.

Our Experience:

Our highly experienced team are often retained as Engineer to Contract for the installation and commissioning of complex automated handling systems working with the contractor and the client to sign off the system performance against the contract.

With varied experience in the UK and abroad of projects ranging from a couple of months to two years across a diversity of industries from conventional to highly automated systems our project management experience and expertise can be utilised to support businesses of any size.
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