JKB Business Solutions

JKB is the fastest growing UK based factoring & invoice finance brokerage in the country. So why are we so successful? Is it because we are recognised as independent specialists in Factoring and Invoice Discounting, or is that all enquiries receive a FREE OF CHARGE written comparison report outlining what they are currently spending against what we can offer? Your benefit is, that when you use JKB, you will gain access to almost 50 ABFA (Asset Based Finance Association) accredited invoice finance providers offering the complete range of factoring and invoice discounting solutions. It is widely unreported that ALL Factoring and Invoice Discounting providers are NOT regulated by the FSA (yes even the banks). We know from our 30 years of experience that providers will quite literally charge whatever and however they can. This is why we know that in 9 out of 10 cases using our services can save you quite literally Ј1,000's of pounds.