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My father was a successful entrepreneur and invested in caravan sites (when no-one else was), in Hotels, in Business Colleges, in Property and in a few other businesses. My keenness to emulate him started when I was at school, buying and selling toys from schoolmates. After my years in London advertising agencies I set up my own business in 1984 with the sole objective to be different and to make a difference for my clients - both for their business AND themselves.

Local Sales and Marketing became a passion and through the eighties I provided sales and marketing resources to selected Audi/VW dealers in their local markets and introduced leading edge technology in the form of "database marketing" so they could profile their customers; through the nineties I sold various marketing software solutions to small and large organisations and in the noughties used my then considerable sales and marketing expertise to help grow new and existing businesses.

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182 Yarmouth Road

Norwich, NR7 0AD
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