J W S Solutions

England was the country that nurtured the development of BS5750 and BS7750, early and important precursors to ISO9001 and ISO14001. It was here that businesses grew comfortable with the concept of formalised management systems. And it was in Hertfordshire that JWS Associates was formed in 1993 to help businesses implement and benefit from these systems. JWS Solutions went limited in 2001 and has steadily expanded since. The idea at the formation of the company was to provide our clients with the service levels of larger consultancy companies at a competitive price.

Today we still operate according to this principle. We constantly see changes in the services that our clients are seeking and we are continuing to strive to meet and exceed these requirements. The services initially offered by JWS centred around quality management systems but in the late 90's we extended our work to include environmental and health and safety management systems along with HR services.