We create partnerships with clients, including some of the world's leading businesses like PepsiCo, RBS, M&S and Vodafone. We believe we could help yours too. The strength of our partnerships is perhaps best illustrated by the fact that 40% of our new clients are referred to us by happy, existing clients. We run a global employee survey for 89,000 employees and provide consultancy support to help managers use results to drive improved engagement within stores. We've found the experience working with ETS a really positive one.

They've not only presented us with bespoke solutions, but their expertise and knowledge in the field of employee engagement has really driven benefit into our organisation. We created a complex, large-scale 360 degree feedback programme that's being used to help transform the leadership style in line with business strategy. We needed a provider who could work at great speed and deliver really high levels of quality given the ambition we have for the 360 tool.