Creating and managing a business and achieving your business goals is definitely not easy-peasy like a piece of cake. Although all the processes around developing a successful business are definitely very interesting and exciting, they also require a lot of time, energy and improving skills to help you get better at your craft. For many of us, the idea of starting a business from scratch is at least inspiring. If you are excited about the idea to start your own business, or you already have one, but you are on a budget, this article will be helpful for you.

Growing business on a budget? Yep, with all the opportunities the world offers nowadays, it is completely possible to grow yourself as a business developer without the need to spend a little fortune. Although there is no denial in the fact that working with experienced business consulting and developing services and marketing experts is definitely going to make things easier and quicker. There is also no denial in the fact that successful business is grown even without the help of professional business services. As it turns out, there are some very creative and efficient ways to turn your business into a brand and help it be recognised, appreciated and effectively working.

Of course, building and developing your own brand is a crucial part of your business and what makes good business stand out from the rest is that they have a brand that stands out. Think of your brand as the identity of your business, this identity that brings awareness among customers and sends them the message what, why and for who you are working for, what you can offer, what you can promise. Thanks to the number of free resources available today, including so many different platforms, tools and sources of knowledge and useful information, nowadays you can practically build a brand from scratch and without any significant investments. Let’s have a further look at a few ideas!

Know your target

Knowing your target is the best way to channel your energy and time in the right direction. The best way to get to know your targeted customers is by creating their personal profiles, which will work as an example to the common attitudes, believes, opinions and traits spread among the majority of your potential customers. There is no coincidence that 82% of the companies with better value propositions use customer personas to envision their target, get to know it and understand what to offer in order to meet their needs, desires and requirements. Having this kind of information is very important and helpful, as it helps you develop a compelling, effective and successful brand.

Develop identity and voice

Once you know your brand’s personas, you are almost halfway outlining your brand, so it is about time to think of your brand itself and its identity that will make it stand out. Creating a brand identity and deciding on its tone of voice and all its traits is an essential part of shaping your brand. How to determine the identity and ton of voice of your brand that you will use to communicate with your customers and represent your brand? Unlike determining your brand’s personas, deciding on a ton of voice is a more introspective process and is based on determining the basic and major values of your company.

Consistent social media presence

Social media is one of the best things that happened to the business world because social media sets provide the business with a completely free platform with a very large and vast auditory that can be reached. Grabbing the attention of potential customers through social media is, overall, an easy process and the most important thing you need to keep in mind is that you want your brand to have a consistent social media presence.

Since you already have pieces of the whole picture of your audience by creating personas, it is about time to consider about the behaviour of your target customers, where and how they spend their time online, what they are looking for and which social media sets they are using focus your attention on important answers that will provide you with very useful information. How to learn more about the online behaviour of your audience? Simply check the demographics of the social media users showing interest in your brand in one shape or another and this will provide you with a pretty clear picture of the main groups of people potentially interested in your brand.


Many recent studies show that companies and brands that blog are more successful. Corporative blogging is the key to better communication with your potential customers because it is one more unique platform or channel that mediates interaction. In addition, blogging also shows your determination, because maintaining a blog is not exactly an easy job. Blogging can also help you stand out, it all depends on how you are using the blog.

In general, blogging transforms random Internet users into visitors of your webpage, which makes them people who are aware of your brand. Creating content that matches the information your target is looking for is one of the best working steps in marketing. Recent studies also show that after friends and family, blogs are the third most credible and reliable source of information, as perceived by Internet users, so what you are waiting for, go and set this keyboard on fire!

Customer service is a priority

Why the amazing customer service is an effective branding strategy? It is as simple as that – perfect customer service pushes your brand to the word-of-mouth effect, which is a better advertising strategy than any other marketing communications, PR and advertising strategy you can ever come up with! No matter wat your business is and who your clients are, one of your priorities is creating a delightful experience for your clients. And you can be sure that happy customers are always going to share what made them happy!


Collaborating business or co-branding is yet another smart strategy you can consider for enhancing your business and helping your brand grow and stand out. If you are a new brand and don’t have a reach on a broad and vast audience, one of the best ways to get your name in front of a wide audience is by partnering with brands that have one.

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