CIG Family Business Consulting

CIG Family Business Consulting are experts in all the complexities of family businesses. There are over 3 million family businesses in the UK employing around 10 million people and over 50% of those businesses are run exclusively by family members.

CIG Family Business Consulting can help with any aspect of your family business from inception to succession planning. Every single family business has different requirements, some are run simply as a lifestyle business and some are run as multinational corporations. But whatever the size and model of your family business CIG Family Business Consulting are the only people to talk to, to help advise and to improve your family business.

We are there to work with you to make your family business as successful as you want or need it to be. No stone will be left unturned in ensuring that your business is a total success. By using CIG Family Business Consulting your life be it business or personal will become that much more rewarding.